A variety of activities before, during and after the training strengthen the value and impact of the training itself. This in-turn helps our clients achieve the expected business results. Turn the money you have invested into a permanent change in behavior, optimize effectiveness and impact daily activity.

Developing your talents

To achieve this, we have training and development in place that:

  • ensures advancement through ‘’Modelling Front Man’’ methodology at a rate appropriate to each individual’s capabilities as they develop
  • provides strong and accurate feedback on each individual’s successes and areas for improvement
  • seeks a balance between placing the primary responsibility on the individual and organization perspectives.


Training programmes 

We recognise that providing an outstanding training programme, which supports you throughout your career, is essential to your professional development. Our aim is to develop wide-ranging consulting ability backed up by expertise in one area of specialisation.  This breaks down into 5 (five) core skill areas: analytical thinking, consulting, assignment and commercial management, communication and people development.

A total of 20 training courses are available covering these five areas and all consultants complete at least five days of related training each year. Most training courses are held from 8:30 to 16:00. However, some particularly in-company programs are more intensive with extended hours.

Action Plans and Training Follow-up: to ensure the concepts and skills introduced in our courses are duly transferred to the workplace, D2EM is ready to incorporate an “action plan” section at the end of any training course. This section will constitute an integral part of the training and will be completed by the participants before the closing of the course. The courses are regularly updated and refreshed by D2EM’s training and development team. We have over 200 training opportunities available, which we deliver through courses, resources, events and individual coaches.

Mentoring and development for Analytics

03 TrainingOur mentoring programme is hugely beneficial to all your new employees. This programme will instil in you a deep understanding of our culture and values, giving you a grounding in consulting and providing the knowledge you need to become a successful Employee. The programme will also help you begin to develop the practical skills needed for working with your clients and focus groups. Your mentor supports your progress, provides guidance and advice, and acts as a confidential ‘sounding board’ if need be. Your performance will be formally reviewed by your line manager, and you also have a review with your assignment manager at the end of every project.

Business Development

Our business consulting specialty is helping you grow your company in a unique way that also supports you in creating the most enjoyable life possible. We help you see your business with new eyes and tap your unrealized potential. It’s not unusual for our clients to start feeling a shift toward the positive in the first few weeks of working together.

 Creating Sustainable Business Growth

Our business development specialty is helping you grow your business in a unique way that supports you as the leader of your business in creating the most enjoyable life possible. We believe business is about the money AND SO MUCH MORE. We help you see your business with new eyes and tap your unrealized potential.

 How We Do It

D2EM Business Development experts utilize a dynamic set of tools that are customized for your particular needs and goals. We take our work seriously, but we have fun while we’re doing it. In addition to strategizing for possibilities and offering insights for next steps, we spend time with our clients celebrating their successes.

We Regularly Help our Business Development Clients:

  • Discover tricks for growing their business quickly.
  • Set up a step-by-step plan for sales or marketing.
  • Establish hiring procedures.
  • Create more meaningful, profitable relationships with existing customers.
  • Develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Empower their managers and their staff.
  • Build a fun, enjoyable, team-oriented business culture.
  • Create work-life balance.
  • Turn their employees into a passionate, committed “Team.”
  • Understand who their customers are and how they can connect with more of them.
  • Improve results when working with a business partner or family member.
  • Find more time for things they enjoy.
  • Create step-by-step plans to create lasting solutions to address current challenges and frustrations.
  • Discover tools to help keep their anger or frustration in check.
  • Find time to focus on higher level work.
  • Get more referral business.
  • Figure out what they need to do so that they can take a vacation, knowing that everything back at the office will be fine.
  • Systematize work processes for greater efficiency and ease of training.