Team Building

The Right-Minded Teamwork method is a business oriented plus a psychological approach to team building where acceptance, forgiveness and adjustment are teammate characteristics, and customer satisfaction is the team’s result.

This is a Real Life Team Building method (Actual) that is structured on these 5 key elements:

  • Business Goal
  • Psychological Goal
  • Work Agreements
  • Team Operating System
  • Right-Minded Teammates

There are three basic corporate team building methods: Training – like in a classroom; Experiential – like in an outdoor playground; Actual – like in a team’s actual real-world. Which one is the best method and most effective? Yes, it’s Actual.

There is team bonding and there is team building. Team bonding and team building are not the same — this is important to remember. Both serve a purpose, but are different.  The experiential method is mostly bonding. The training method is less bonding, but it certainly does not directly address a team’s real issues.

The Actual Method is the only true team building method because it directly addresses and resolves a team’s real issues. Also, when team building is done right using the Actual Method, it strengthens teammate relationships much better than the other two methods.
Actual or true team building produces Work Agreements that teammates commit to in order to transform or mitigate team performance barriers. Team bonding can never achieve this kind of team building results.