1st Part

The management training session

  • How to improve sales and leadership performance.
  • KPI, Targets and Risk.
  • Connect key business principles like trust, respect and execution.
  • Exploring the parallels between music and business.
  • Management system by exceptional tools and knowledge power.

      Duration: 1 up to 6 hours

2nd Part

Music – live piano

  • By performing selected pieces of piano music in order to illustrate high-level musicians master technique, concentration and artistry.
  • Personal development and inviting participants to embrace new ways of thinking about business practice.
  • Manager’s style presentation.
  • Interactive conversations and examples

      Duration: 1 up to 2 hours

3rd Part

Audience session

  • Using a series of carefully crafted exercises, by an interactive discussion about creativity, self-development and social interaction in the workplace.
  • How both musicians and business leaders need to embrace new challenges and reinvent themselves in the face of change.

     Duration: 1up to 3 hours

0 Program design and Audience1

0 Program design and Audience2

The workshop key words

Key words – Management

  • Leadership
  • Sales techniques, skills and negotiation
  • Sales recursive improvement
  • KPI, Target, Planning, Reporting
  • The power of new sales methods
  • Empowering knowledge
  • Team work in real life
  • Behavior and Team building

Quality Management System

Key words – Music:

  • Live piano performance
  • Classical music
  • Jazz and Blues Music (free style)
  • Evergreen music
  • Explore the parallels between music and business.
  • Unique and enjoyable way to remember the subjects and conclusions

Remember the key management issues through music performance

Program audience design

  • Workshop (up to 16 participants)
  • training (up to 25 participants)
  • Corporate event (as relevant)
  • Team building (as relevant)
  • Coaching session (up to 4 participants)
  • Event management (up to 300)