Learning objectives and experience:

  • To learn the basic professionalism: loyalty, common sense, logic and knowledge power.
  • To learn how music style and the metaphor of music provides a new vocabulary for discussing sales, leadership, teamwork and innovation in today’s business world.
  • To use the metaphor of music in order to discuss communication, collaboration, trust, listening, creativity, preparation and performance.
  • Live piano performance and video records of classical, jazz and evergreen music performances in order to illustrate the points, Mihail Kitanovskideliver a powerful and interactive keynote speech.

To connected music creation with business challenges and how it helps to re-enforce important messages about teamwork and leadership.

Outcome and expectations:

(by theme or combo)

  •  intensive time of self-discovery and expanding leadership and sales mindset and skills
  •  nspiring our leaders and salesman to stretch to their fullest potential
  •  elevating the sense of purpose and a shared responsibility for the work and for the team
  •  using knowledge as a power and using soft skills to reach common success and business logic
  • elegant performance and creative thinking
  • creative music and business adventures
  • the piano follows the audience requests concerning sales, leadership and management power
  • admirable, moving and educational experience