An innovative and creative way of transforming music metaphors into management framework. Engaging and charming experience in the world of business, interactive, thought provoking and broadening your views of leadership, sales and team building. Combining jazz, classical music and evergreen with management, we create effective and fun atmosphere to learn new skills about team effectiveness, how to become a true leader and and to perform better in sales.

By live piano performance, Mihail Kitanovski presents the ability of new Leaders and/or Salesman, how these characteristics should be implemented in real business world and communication processes.


  1. Expanding leadership mindset skills
  2. Team effectiveness
  3. How to improve sales performance.
  4. KPI, Targets and Risk.
  5. Connect key business principles like trust, respect and execution.
  6. Exploring the parallels between music and business.



Managers who have shared and practiced different ways of performing the key leadership functions offer increased self-awareness, flexibility and confidence. They are better able to stand back from the everyday detail and focus on longer-term organizational needs, secure in the knowledge that their teams are competent and motivated to deal with operational tasks.

Who Should Attend?

Team leaders, supervisors and professionals with or without experience. Any professional, manager, supervisor or anyone working in a sales team.