0 Live piano performance1

0 Live piano performance

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Live piano performance

Mihail Kitanovski begins by performing selected pieces of piano music to try to present how high-level musicians master technique, concentration and emotional power could be performed by combo/mix of Classical (Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky), Jazz (Gershwin, Porter), Evergreen (Autumn leaves, Game without borders), 7/8 & 9/8 rhythm and self-composing music – A minor.The participants are invited for questions and discussions about the form of their own experience, especially that gained in a particular profession at work.

Participants learn how the metaphor of music provides a new way of leadership, teamwork and salesman through to be competent in all aspects of work, including management, professional knowledge and skills up to date, by regularly take part in activities that maintain and develop competence and performance, to be familiar with guidelines and developments that affect the work and to take steps to monitor and improve the quality of personality.