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Creative people and their processes play a prominent role in business processes as organizations seek to deploy the merits of business process management to more than just the set of transactional processes. Product development and marketing campaigns are just two examples of such creativity-intensive processes that increasingly find their way into the agenda of process managers. Besides this, there are entire and quickly growing industries designed around creative processes, with the entertainment industry being the most prominent example of a creative industry.

The dynamic musical world of jazz provides an excellent illustration of this new corporate environment.The session begins with a short performance, giving participants an opportunity to listen and observe how jazz musicians improvise and innovate within clearly defined structures, make changes, be more flexible, take risks, value diversity, rotate leadership and build on each other’s ideas in performance.

The live performance begins by Mihail Kitanovski of Summer Time, George Gershwin G Minor (John Coltrane and Miles Davis) and video presentation of Manhattan Jazz Orchestra lead the participants to the new live experience howto be more creative, flexible and to take into the consideration of new ways of Leader and Team player.