Evergreen Experience

The performance of symphony orchestra is one the most effective and powerful metaphors. Knowing the overall strategy helps the company’s workforce stay focused on the organizational mission: meeting the needs of the consumers in that target market.Even if the company implements smart policies, competitors might steal customers, unexpected disasters might cripple operations and economy fluctuations might erode the buying capabilities of target market. Corporate policies are only as effective as their implementation.Good corporate governance requires having the discipline and commitment to implement policies, resolutions and strategies.Fairness must always be a high priority for management. Companies also must be fair to their customers, both for ethical and public-relations reasons. Managers sometimes keep their own counsel, limiting the information that filters down to employees. When employees understand management’s strategies and are allowed to monitor the company’s financial performance, they understand their roles within the company.

Using a live piano performance by Mihail Kitanovski andvideo performed by of J.S. Bach – Toccata in d minor, participants are invited to engage in an interactive discussion how playing in an orchestra mirrors working in a large organization.

The keynotes are trust,listening, collaboration, preparation and technical excellence. Participants also learn how the conductor (without musicandspeech) provides leadership and team leading during the performance.

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0 Evergreen Orchestra