Consulting and in-house consulting

01 Consulting and inhouse consulting1Our philosophy centers around the idea that being successful in business includes achieving your financial goals while actively living a passionate, balanced, and meaningful business.

In-house consultancy is the practice of helping organizations improve their performance through the analysis of existing problems and executing development and action plans. We are increasingly engaged by our clients in consulting assignments which address a very wide range of problems, challenges and opportunities.

We use a variety of leading edge methodology, which includes the following structure:

After meeting with the client and agreeing the scope of the project, a team of specialized consultants starts working with the client’s staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they then analyze using the latest techniques to identify practical solutions. After agreeing on the solutions, they consult/train the client’s staff, assist in the implementation and help the client achieve long lasting benefits.

In particular, the assignment may range from ad hoc advice on a particular problem or issue, to the design of comprehensive systems for the client as well as the evaluation and revision of existing systems.

Human Resources Management
• Job Analysis, Descriptions and Evaluation
• Personnel Policies and Procedures
• Organization and Manpower Planning
• Compensation and Benefits
• Compensation/Salary Surveys
• Competency Frameworks, Models and Dictionaries
Training Manpower Development
• Training Needs Analysis
• Evaluating Training Effectiveness
• Competency Gap Analysis
• Audit of the Training and Development Function
• Career Development and Succession Planning
Quality management System
• QMS Documentation
• Internal Audit
• Corrective actions
• Risk Management
• Continual improvement
Strategic Management
• Strategic Planning
• Audit of Key Performance Indicators
• Management of Change
• Performance Measurement and the Balanced Scorecard
Performance Management
• Performance Management Systems
• Competency-Based Performance Systems
• Performance-Based Reward Systems
Organization Management
• Organization Reviews
• Structure Development
• Process Mapping
• Simplification of Work Methods and Procedures

01 Consulting and inhouse consulting