Business Coaching & Executive coaching

02 Coaching
We provide a wide range of private consultations, groups, seminars, on-site support, and keynote speaking. We serve our business consulting clients worldwide through the latest internet-based virtual technology or Skype. Our team of Business Coaching experts provide a wide range of services including: private sessions, small group programs, webinars/seminars, on-site training, meeting facilitation, and keynote speaking. Executive coaching has moved to a strategy for developing leaders and high potential talent. As a result, leading companies consider coaching a core part of executive development. Top companies recognize that one-on-one coaching offers significant benefits not available by other means.

We also offer customized business coaching programs to help you achieve your own unique goals. We serve our clients in South and East Europe.

We know how to link executive coaching to talent management, learning organization, change management, strategic alignment and other big organizational initiatives. Our team offers a full range of executive and senior management experience serving as facilitators, as motivators and as sounding-boards as you deal with your business goals, interpersonal relationships and self-management issues.

Our executive coaching helps executives achieve:
• Rapid individual development
• Increased retention of key people
• Improved business performance
Superior productivity and customer service
Sales & Marketing
• Sales Management Systems
• Customer Service Programs
• Marketing Strategies
• Service Quality Management
• Skills and negotiating
Improvement Strategies
• Total Quality Management
• Audit of Materials Management
• Audit of Maintenance Planning
• Audit of Project Management
Corporate Finance & Investment
• Financial Policies and Procedures
• Internal Control Systems
• Budget Systems and Manuals
• Feasibility Studies
• Business and Financial Forecasting
• Financial Restructuring and Sensitivity Analysis
• Design of Investment Policies
Manpower Efficiency
• Assessment of Employee Potential
• Productivity, Work Standards and Manpower Levels
• Employee Communication Strategies
• Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Balance Scorecard
• Customer perspective
• Finance perspective
• Human Resource perspective
• Internal processes
• Competence perspective