Kitanovski Mihail & D2EM Consulting:

Mihail Kitanovski works as a management consultant to the business community, assisting small and medium sized companies as well as multinationals with business strategy, sales, financing and top line growth issues. He is recognized for his work with international business partnerships, and is published in the field. Since 2007, Mihail is also the owner and general manager of Kitanovski & D2EM Consulting company.

In the past 20 years, Mr. Kitanovski has worked in 30 countries all over the world, for more than 700+ clients. Before founding D2EM Consulting, Mr. Kitanovski worked for regional ITC corporation and Project Development in banking sector. As a consultant, he has worked in France, Russia, Monaco, Germany, Italy, China, Slovakia, Canada, UA Emirates, Nepal, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania, and Greece.

Mr. Mihail Kitanovski is a Management Consultant doing in-house business consulting and open session training, as well as several years coaching for 1st and 2nd level management. He holds a Bachelor’s Computer Science, Master’s degree in HRM from the ISPPI Institute in Skopje and postgraduate several coaching sessions at GSPIA in Pittsburgh.

For more than 30 years, Mihail plays piano – classic, evergreen and jazz rhetoric, combined with 7/8 and 9/8 rhythm. The music expressions and using music – classical and jazz – performed as a management consultant creates an atmosphere to help the audience engage with one another through the performance.(USA, France, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece)

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The field of expertise and consulting, training and coaching experience:

  • Balance Scorecard Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Information Security Management System
  • Event Management
  • Performance Management Business
No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as an entrepreneur depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. A successful leader is one who can help his or her team members to work well together toward a common vision and goals.
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